Boat Lifting With Our Hiab Lorry Loader Crane & Haulage

Your Boat/Yacht/Pleasure Craft  is just as important to us as it is to you!

Jim Ricketts Hiab Haulage understands that you care about how your vessel is moved, because a Boat is more than just a big investment. We'll treat your boat as we would treat our own, whether it's the cherished family vessel or a project you have just taken onboard. We take great care to ensure that your Vessel is protected from start to finish. Minimized handling means minimized risk, so there’s no loading and reloading during transport you hire us to move your Vessel on a specific day or date and we will be there to move it from collection to delivery destination.

Prices with terms and conditions are always sent to you in advance of the movement date. Our straightforward pricing policy, many years of experience and outstanding record of service have earned Jim Ricketts Hiab Haulage an excellent reputation with our clients and respect from our competitors. 


In most cases we are able to transport  an array of different hulled vessels as we have various cradles and wooden blocks to hold up most vessels safely and securely for transport on the roads,


We are insured for the lifting and transport of vessels up to £40.000 for more insurance cover this will be either down to you or we can make a call to our Insurance brokers who will be available to cover the vessel for the extra Insurance at your cost (they would bill you directly)




Follow this simple check list to see if we can move your Vessel for you this is what we will need from you


Total Height measurement(no more than 12 ft)

Total Weight (no more than 7500kg)

Total Beam ( we can carry a variation of Widths up to 15ft any thing over 9'6 requires wide load notifications to the Police we can do all of this for you

Total Length(no more than 36ft)


Location where it is to be lifted from ie Quay side,Dock,Hard standing,Farm Yard,Garden,Canal,Field,River Bank,Marina etc etc


Check to see if Permission is granted for us to lift on some one else's Premises/property


Hull/keel configuration ie :-Planing,V,Flat Bottom,Fin,Bilge,Tri Keel,Long Keel,Catamaran etc etc

Picture gallery:

Take a look at some of the Vessels that we have moved